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BCI Italia, not just the ITware Publisher

BCI Italia is much more than the publisher of ITware. In fact, it also offers: Leads Generation Services, Digital Marketing Services, Mail Marketing Services, Market Survey, Social Media Management, Content Generation, and much more...

BCI Italia,cerniera tra il mondo dei produttori di tecnologie e gli utentiBusiness Consulting International Italia (BCI Italia) works as the zipper between Software Vendors & IT Service Providers, and User Managers who must turn the new technologies in competitive advantages for their business. The flow of new technologies, services and solutions is always growing, but it's important to select the right path to get the best results from the investment.

The main target in this process are three:

- the Top Managers (CEOs, COOs, Owners) who are responsible for strategies and new development of their enterprises;

- the Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) who now represents the main customer of new investment on IT Technologies;

- the Chief Information/Innovation Officers (CIOs) who have the responsability to put in place and make working the new solutions required by their collegues, as well as to promote new solutions crossing all Department border of their Enterprise.

Also, in this scenario, we have the Top Managers of IT/Marketing Vendors & Services providers who must understand the directions of the market, and where they have to position their companies in order to have a bright future.

So, at BCI Italia, we help the users and the Top Managers to understand how to use the IT Tools and how to develop innovative business solutions & services to make their companies more competitive like Leads Generation, Digital Marketing, Mail Marketing, up to full start up services for Italian and Internationals investors

We call this the KNOWARE (KNOWledge MiddleWARE) that links the IT Vendors to the Users, speeding up the adoption of new Technologies. In fact, BCI Italia, which is a company specialising in software and Digital Marketing for enterprises, has the mission to link the producers of technology to the professional end users.

Structured in accordance with the most modern concepts of the professional enterprises, BCI Italia is made up of a strong team of qualified specialists, with proved expertise and experience in their roles, integrated in a national and international network of technicians and companies.

The main assets of the firm are:

  • The ability to position itself in the middle between IT & Software Vendors, Services providers and the DP Departments/Marketing Departments of users Enterprise organisations;
  • The availability of consulting services and of a consistent network of real experts to solve the problems related to distributed and Cloud based systems with heterogeneous hardware (Mainframes, On Premise Server, Web Server, Cloud Services);
  • A strong network of relations with technology vendors, users and researchers to create a service of up to date and strategically important information;
  • More than 25 years of success in Marketing, Digital Marketing & Start Up of new companies/line of business in innovative solutions.
  • The Database and the files which contain several information about:
    1. more than 100.000 people working in Italy for about 10.000 Largem Medium & Small companies, including Top Manager, Marketing Managers, CIO, DP Managers, professionals (like software/apps/web site developers, software architects, Systems/Netrwork Managers, Security Managers, Business Intelligence/Big Data/Analytics systems engineers, and many more...);

    2. more than 800 software products, systems and application available to satisfy the demands of any type of company;;

    3. an always up to date calendar of conferences, exhibitions and seminars relevant to the Italian, European and US markets.

All these information are constantly updated and sustained by the contribution of the specialists and the companies who move around BCI Italia.

In order to accomplish its mission, BCI Italia has developed a rich set of Products/Services:

Pulishing Products

Marketing & PR Services

Toolnews Magazine

Start Up / Strategic Marketing Services

ITware web site

Digital Marketing, Mail Marketing, SEO...

ITwareNews Newsletter

Social Media Management, Leads Generation

Corporate Newsletter / eZine

User Group Management

White Paper

Product/Offering Positioning

Market Survey / Report

Conferences / Trade Shows organization

Competitive Analysis

Speaking Engagements


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